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c) Anycast address

The address format is the same as the global unicast address


Ipv6 address x:x...... anycast (differentiated from unicast)

If the source sends data to the anycast address, the device that is closest to the source and configured with the anycast address receives data.

Neighbor requests multicast address:

FF02::1:FF (104 bits fixed) The last 24 bits are filled by the last 24 bits of the corresponding IP address

Basic protocol of IPV6 One port can be configured with multiple IPV6 protocols

200 901 devasc The basic protocol of IPV6: ICMPv6

Neighbor discovery process, mainly using ICMPv6

1.DAD: Address Repeat Detection (ARP is used in IPV4)

2. Neighbor request process: mapping of Layer 3 address and Layer 2 address

3. Router discovery: stateless automatic acquisition of address

Neighbor discovery request requires the use of a neighbor request multicast protocol. 200 901 devasc